Defining and activating growth opportunities for entrepreneurial businesses

We uniquely combine the rigour of

A globally recognised growth consultancy

We work with entrepreneurial business owners to challenge their thinking and identify new opportunities in their markets.

An award-winning creative & digital studio

We then bring these opportunities to life with our expert team of creative design, tech and marketing experts to activate transformational growth.

Our success framework

Using our proven framework we work with entrepreneurial business leaders to continually identify and activate transformational growth opportunities.


We work with entrepreneurial business leaders in two ways:

  1. Optimising existing strategies to maximise the growth opportunity
  2. Identifying new growth opportunities in their respective market

We then visualise all opportunities and define the plan to bring them to life


After we have visualised and defined the plan, we then design and build the infrastructure that is essential to realising its potential:

  1. We shape your communications (visually & verbally) to enable the effective activation of your opportunities in the market
  2. We design your go to market infrastructure (digital) to facilitate/scale the effective activation of your opportunities in the market


With the scalable infrastructure in place we support your team on an ongoing basis in activating the strategy and delivering growth:

  1. We arm your team with the tactics and assets to engage your audience and maximise your opportunity
  2. As custodians, we make sure that everything you take to market is on strategy and brand therefore maximising your opportunity

We believe the greatest successes are accelerated through enduring partnerships.

Our business is shaped around embracing ongoing collaboration. By its very nature growth is a journey (and not a destination) and a key to maximising your successes along the way is inspired partnership.

There is a proven correlation between the strength of a partnership and the scale of the success a partnership achieves.

Without exception, our greatest successes were made possible through enduring and trusting collaboration/relationships.

If you're interested in activating growth, let’s talk

If you are interested in activating growth, let’s talk

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Whilst Opportunus is focused upon identifying and activating transformative growth for our client partners, our work is fueled by the inspired creative and stategic thinking of our people.

We are constantly developing our business by attracting ‘best in the class’ talent. We would very much relish the opportunity to connect with you.

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