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The Not Not Books

A series of professional and academic books focusing upon the applied power of the hottest business topics/subjects.

To involve yourself in the contents of this book, you first have to remove the ‘subject.’ This act of putting aside the term ‘branding’ aims to strip away the intellectualisation of the subject matter, instead replacing it with a direct focus on the power of its application.

In ten fast-paced, insightful and energetic chapters, The B Word provides a refreshing perspective on improving business performance. From his global perspective, Chris Fogg identifies approaches the have had transformational influence upon professionals and entrepreneurial businesses worldwide. 

About the author

After graduating from the renowned Glasgow School of Art, Chris was invited to work at Saatchi & Saatchi, London.

In 2008 Chris founded Fogg, an award winning brand consultancy that established a reputation for combining the energy of creativity with the rigour of consultancy.

For over a decade, Fogg has become an internationally recognised growth consultancy combined with an award winning creative studio. Praised for their ability to deploy their proven framework, they continue to be an instrumental factor in identifying and activating growth opportunities for entrepreneurial businesses all over the world.

To acknowledge this and to continue realising the opportunities the business landscape presents to their client partners, Fogg evolved to become Opportunus.

Alongside business consultancy, Chris’ expertise and entrepreneurial spirit inspired him to create the retail technology platform, Everywalk.

His diverse work has won multiple accolades, one particular project being recognised as a ‘world first.’ Chris has also been a key contributor to industry associations, leading business schools and broadcast media including D&AD and the BBC.

This book marks the first in his Not Not Books series where Chris shares his wealth of expertise to inspire others to realise their business and professional potential.

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