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Brunch, the flexible food provider offers customer, event and corporate catering for whatever food mood you’re in today.


Having enjoyed 12 years of success the owner of the business had ambitions to reflect the quality of their food and service through the brand and marketing and a vision to accelerate growth and expand the number of shops.

Spending time with the owner of the business we quickly understood that we could leverage one of the businesses strengths as a unique factor on which to position the business and create differentiation in a competitive market.


By adopting the philosophy of ‘flexible food’ as the positioning strategy we established a true differentiating factor that is of real value to their customers over and above the service offered by competitors.

In building the verbal identity, the philosophy of flexible food inspired the brand concept of catering for whatever ‘Food Mood’ their customers were in at the time.

We brought the strategy to life through a joined-up brand platform across all digital and retail touchpoints and worked to enhance the customer experience via the online ordering system.


Following the launch we work closely with the business to activate the platform and inspire growth through an high performing customer engagement strategy.