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Caravan & Motorhome Club

  • Brand Platform
  • Campaign Assets
  • Marketing Infrastructure
  • Strategy Visualisation

Founded in 1907 as the Caravan Club, the Caravan and Motorhome Club is Europe’s biggest touring community with over 1 million members. It helps caravanners, motorhomers and campers’ access over 3,000 stunning locations in the UK and Europe.


The Club’s executive team had ambitions of growing the clubs already significant membership and identified a need to broaden its reach and attract new audiences. Part of the new strategic direction was to rename The Caravan Club to The Caravan and Motorhome Club.


The club’s executive teams challenged us to create a coherent and engaging platform that could be applied to the many facets of the organisation and give the new strategy gravitas and relevance across its increasingly broad stakeholder groups.


With a strong platform in place we continue to help the club articulate its overarching proposition and engage its various stakeholder groups.

From creating and activating highly focussed marketing campaigns to defining new and unique B2B and B2C propositions, we work closely with the leadership team to drive sustainable growth strategies across all facets of the club.

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