increase in conversion


  • Brand Platform
  • Marketing Infrastructure
  • Product Design
  • Product Strategy

By providing information about every business in the UK, Checkaco’s mission is to help everyone make safer financial decisions.


The owner of the business first approached us with a good understanding of the opportunity in the market but was unsure how to create a brand and product that was capable of capitalising on it.

Through our free Brand, Product and Marketing Review we identified a number of improvements that would help him bring his idea and opportunity to life.


We began by defining the verbal and visual identity that simplified the proposition and demonstrated the businesses value.

With the brand platform in place, we began improving the product. Starting small we refined the customer journey and built an MVP that enabled the business to test the market on a small initial investment and scale the platform once it began to see traction.


The business saw a significant increase in conversion and sales following the initial round of updates.

We now continue to work with the owner of the business by managing the Conversion Rate Optimisation, regularly measuring and optimising how customers engage with the platform to continuously improve performance and conversion.