growth in 6 years

Equity Release Supermarket

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  • Business Strategy
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  • Marketing Infrastructure
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Product Design
  • Product Strategy
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Established in 2008, Equity Release Supermarket has grown to be one of the leading, most respected and fastest growing equity release brokers in the UK.


After realising a number of years of early success the Founder of the business felt there was much more potential yet to be realised.

From this initial meeting, we have forged a formidable working partnership where we continually identify and bring in to play strategic opportunities for the business.


Growth by its nature is not a one off project, it is a journey where the business has to navigate a number of life stages to realise its vision and ambition.

We initially implemented a platform to activate the businesses momentum, crucially we continue to identify, define, build and activate emerging opportunities.

This partnership has not just innovated with brand but has evolved to encompass market leading product development.


From our initial meeting, we have forged a formidable working partnership. From identifying and capitalising on market opportunities to building customer focussed technology innovations, we are a key strategic partner and have been recognised as being instrumental in the businesses success.

The frequency of our contact time with the Founder, where we listen to his vision, challenge market conventions and continually innovate and has led to prolific growth.

Opportunus have been instrumental in our success. They quickly understood our niche marketplace and not only that but were able to see the opportunities therein. Thank you all for the work so far... and for the promising future, we are all looking forward to.