growth in 2 years

Puddle Ducks

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Founded in 2002, Puddle Ducks is a leader in infant swimming. Today, via a network of dedicated franchisees, the business teaches thousands of babies and children to swim, be safe and develop water confidence right across the country.


The business had enjoyed some early success but was experiencing a high level of aggressive competition in their market and needed a way of defending itself.

We identified that infant swimming classes, especially Puddle Duck’s classes, are not just about nurturing a child’s natural ability in water. There is so much more beyond the class itself: before and after benefits, excitement and contentedness for both parent and child as well as the great charity work the business inspires.


The owners had worked hard to establish a strong culture based on their entrepreneurial ethos. The strategy we established was therefore devised to leverage their inherent personality to truly differentiate their offer in an increasingly busy sector to ultimately achieve growth and increase market share.

‘Life but Swimmingly’ (consumer strategy) and ‘Business but Swimmingly’ (B2B strategy) were born. Both brand promises enabled the business to communicate both its value beyond swimming and its inherent personality. These platforms also enabled the creation of wider messaging to capture the essence of the broader experience, not just the ‘product’.


Working closely with the Founders of the business we defined the marketing strategy and built the infrastructure that helped them activate the B2B and B2C take to market strategies. The result was business performance that helped the Founders supercharge their early successes and build sustainable growth in a competitive market.

Opportunus are totally inspirational and professional. The messaging and brand design they developed for Puddle Ducks showed a brilliant understanding of both our business and personality. It has made a huge impact on our business and helped us achieve 200% growth in two years. Their advice and recommendations are always spot on and always deliver superb results.