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  • Brand Platform
  • Business Strategy
  • Marketing Infrastructure
  • Strategy Visualisation

Sunlighten is the global leader in personalised infrared light therapy. Committed to energising and empowering customers through its patented infrared technology the business is focussed on helping people improve their overall quality of life.


The business had enjoyed great success over the years and was expanding in to new territories globally. As the business continued to grow, it was beginning to outgrow its brand and needed a new strategic direction to defend its position from an increasingly competitive market.

Working closely with the Founders of the business we quickly identified three significant strategic opportunities that provided greater clarity and purpose to their vision while also establishing a substantial competitive advantage.


Having defined three significant opportunities, we needed to bring the strategy in to play and empower the internal team with the ability to realise the businesses huge potential.

Working closely with the leadership team, we repurposed their brand platform and developed supercharged marketing assets.

Alongside this, we consulted with the business on optimising their marketing infrastructure and future-proofing their continued global expansion.


Working with both the senior leadership team and their internal teams across marketing, design and digital, we provide ongoing support and consultancy in ensuring their strategy is deployed effectively and with momentum in all global territories.

We defined a number of growth opportunities for the business to facilitate and accelerate its global ambitions and defend its market leadership amid strong competition.